Proxmox VE Monitor-All

This script will add Monitor-All to Proxmox VE, which will monitor the status of all your instances, both containers and virtual machines, excluding templates and user-defined ones, and automatically restart or reset them if they become unresponsive. This is particularly useful if you’re experiencing problems with Home Assistant becoming non-responsive every few days/weeks. Monitor-All also maintains a log of the entire process, which can be helpful for troubleshooting and monitoring purposes.

🛈 Virtual machines without the QEMU guest agent installed must be excluded.
🛈 Prior to generating any new CT/VM not found in this repository, it’s necessary to halt Proxmox VE Monitor-All by running systemctl stop ping-instances.

All commands are run from the Proxmox VE shell..

To add or remove Monitor-All in Proxmox VE:

bash -c "$(wget -qLO -"

To make setup changes, first stop the service: systemctl stop ping-instances

To edit pause time:

nano /usr/local/bin/

To add excluded instances:

nano /etc/systemd/system/ping-instances.service

After changes have been saved, systemctl daemon-reload and start the service: systemctl start ping-instances

Monitor-All logs : cat /var/log/ping-instances.log